3D printing of wax models to the nearest 16 microns.
Production time: one day or more.
  • 1 day printing
  • Smooth models made of fully castable wax
    that do not need to be refined before casting
  • Creating a 3D model based on your sketches
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Why work with us
Full range of services, ranging from 3D model creation from photos or sketches to vellum/master model production
We are official dealers of 3D Systems, that is why we offer the best printing prices
Partner network – we can print in almost every region of Russia, which helps us to provide fastest possible delivery of products
Our own bank of equipment that includes more than 10 machines allows us to deal with any amount of printing as quickly as possible
Printing time: 1 day
Safe and free delivery around Moscow the next day
Our bank of equipment consists of more than 10 printers including Projet 3600 Wax Max.
Key advantages:
  • High printing accuracy
  • Printing with 100% castable wax
  • Possibility to manufacture dozen of workpieces at a time
  • Detailed printing at up to 16 microns layer height
The way we work
You send us 3D models to calculate the cost of printing, and if you don't have any models, we can create them ourselves from your sketches.
If necessary, we refine the models to make them more suitable for printing.
We print models on a 3D printer and do full post-processing of workpieces.
Our courier delivers you the products.
If you don't have a 3D model, we will create it for you.
Fill out the form below and upload product sketches, if any
Examples of our work